ProCannas offers its first-generation Cannatrol™ product line only through our trained participating physicians. Because of the purity and maximum strength of our formulations, they are best offered to patients under professional guidance. However, they will not require a formal prescription in the United States. 

During the course of the extensive scientific research, conducted by noted universities and healthcare oriented organizations, a key repeatable finding, central to that research is that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) was not a significant contributor to the medicinal and bio-protective aspects of the plant extracts. Rather, it is the other substances (cannabinoids) that are significant active ingredients. THC is illegal in most states and is the ingredient causing one to get “high”. This finding openes the door for innovation and market success, and for ProCannas to legally develop, patent, protect and offer to the market a proprietary non-THC based Cannatrol™ formulation called Cannatrol DM, which is far less regulated by the Administration and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as supplements, foods, and cosmetics.